Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taste of Chicago


Hot air, cold drinks, short shorts, bbq, taste of chicago and blogging....
That's what you do right? That's who you are in the summer. You're a blogger? Well, you are if you ever want to finally get on the ball with this blogging thing and post some love for all to see! That is exactly what we intend to do. Right here, right now. Believe it.

This past saturday we had the wonderful opportunity to sweat our faces off and play our hearts out at the taste of chicago thanks to Bill Covert of Sarah Vanderhaar and the good folks at Best Buy. Thanks much to the both! We had a great time. Met some great folk and afterwards, ate some great food. (three cheers for turkey leg all over Nate's face!)

Our fearless first drummer Ricky joined us for the 90 minute set and didn't miss a beat (clever eh?). additionally, for the first time ever, we had Josh Katt on the electric guitar. we think he did a swell job. it's not easy jumping in with us picky persnickety folk and delivering, but that he did.

the day went so well in fact that we invite you to check out your local best buy store or in the coming months and look for our debut album "Your Chance"! It'll be available soon there! Of course, you can always pick it up on our website at the "store" page too!

peace, love, and all good things.
Beckon Q