Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We got hacked!

What a day...how'd yours start? Coffee maybe? Hopefully a shower or at LEAST you brushed your teeth. Did you have to catch a bus, or a maybe a train. If you're lucky you rode your bike or walked to work. When you got there, was there a TON of email to wade through? Your boss in a good mood or hung over again???

Days start funny.
Sometimes good.
Sometimes bad.

Today Beckon Q's day started bad...our myspace page got hacked. And not just bugged, or phished or something funny or stupid or whatever...but worse: deleted.


You know what though...it's still just one day. One in hopefully thousands to come baby. So no worries, we're going to re-build, we'll even improve! and we'll come back stronger than ever.

You can help though, truly. Friend us. Then tell your friends to friend us. Then tell them to tell their friends to friend us, then...well, you get the idea.

We miss our friends, but we know that we're still friends even if it doesn't say so on silly myspace.

Here's to tomorrow morning...

Beckon Q