Friday, September 18, 2009


Over the last 8 or 9 years of bass playing I’ve realized one of my greatest downfalls, and the greatest downfall of most artists, creators, and dreamers...we’re stuck waiting. Waiting for the time when we’re recognized and celebrated as good enough.

In this day in age we post videos on YouTube, tweet our experiences, track the views, monitor the comments, and hope for recognition. Or worst yet we never post that video or that lesson because we haven’t been recognized as being “good enough”. I’m here to tell you that’s a lie, that’s a myth, and that’s what is holding all of us back! Recognition does not quantify our worth and waiting for it will suck our lives of creativity and rob this world of what we have to offer.

Bass playing, music creation, artistry, and the whole of life for that matter is made up of the moments between recognition and celebration…those are the moments of growth and production. Where inspiration meets implementation!

We are all created, and in turn we are all creators. We don’t have to, and shouldn’t, wait for the celebration of our peers. It is ingrained in us to create and that’s exactly what we need and exactly what this world needs.

Am I the best bass player in the world? Nope. Am I even the best bass player that I know? Nope. Heck, I’m not even the best musician in my household. Does that say anything about my ability to offer some beautiful creation? Nope!

When it comes to bass playing you may know everything I know and you may be better at it than I ever will be…but you have not shared my life experiences and I have not shared yours. In that alone it’s easy to see that we can share and learn from one another.

So keep creating, keep stretching, keep experiencing the little moments, and keep sharing! The world needs it!

~ Inspired by Chapter One of "Cold Tangerines" by Shauna Niequist