Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Park Grill Memories…

101.9FM’s Party in the Park is always a sweet time for Beckon Q. We began playing it years ago and have loved it. Particular memories that stand out:

1. 4 yrs ago: Opening for Howie Day and The Afters. A flood of screaming teens flooded the stage on a hot and sunny day. We met our original drummer, Ricky, at this show. He loved our music and asked to join instantly!
2. 2 yrs ago: Rain poured down on the Park Grill hours before load in/sound check. And miraculously the clouds cleared just in time for the bands to get gear on stage. The show went on and we had a blast with the survivors who braved the weather.
3. 1 yr ago: Hot, muggy Chicago weather caused Luke’s acoustic guitar string to break during our set. We learned to improvise on the spot while he quick switched it out. Seamless. Beautiful.
4. This year? We have some surprises up our sleeves! Help make memories with us at the show this THURSDAY at 4pm at the Park Grill underneath the Bean in Chicago’s downtown.

See you there!