Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jam time N&L style...

So, Becky took off to visit some fam in NC (n. carolina) and so Nate and I decided we should rock it out jam style just for kicks. That we did.

It started out with a little stroll from my place to Nate's...gotta love living within walking distance to one another...I picked up some "Joy's Noodles" on the way. Try it, you'll like it. No doubt. Chicken coconut curry for Nate, straight up Pad Thai for yours truly. so good...

we rocked out the noodles as we listened to some tunes by "star" while we ate, caught up on life, talked about Becky (how good she is of course...) then pulled out some axes and went to town.

No secrets being shared just yet, but I will say we've got some surprises in store for everyone in the coming days, weeks, and months... Nate and I worked on some of them, if you know where our myspace is, you should be able to find some of them...but then we just plain played some notes (over and over again in a really fun pattern that sounds pretty decent and you'll just have to wait and see)

wow, we just can't play enough. it was great to live it up with Nate. truly the man of the century. do you know Nate? really? have you met him? do it, you won't regret it...

maybe he'll hug you. those are nice.
his bass is nice
goes well with noodles.



Nahan Bass In Your Face said...

Hey it's Nate! Some people also like to call me Nathan, you choose. Seriously, it doesn't matter either way.

What does matter is that you, the person reading this comment, and I, the person writing this comment, get to know each other.

Let's make a deal, I'll keep posting comments, and you keep responding to them. Deal?

Yes Luke, the chicken curry was very were your guitar licks!

Beckon Q said...

finger-licking guitar and curry...YUM!