Thursday, February 5, 2009

Campaign No Day Job Part 1 Commutes:

Hey folks!
I’m going to break outside the box of band secrets here and share a little something with you. While you may see us kicking it on stage at Schubas, Cubby Bear or The Frequency, we, like lots of unsigned bands have day jobs.

I’d like to invite you into my head for just a little bit. Let’s chat about commutes. I’ve recently accepted the awesomest job in the world, singing and coordinating bands at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington. However, where do I live? East Lakeview, neighborhood of Chicago. So I spend a good 30 minutes each way five days a week driving down Addison in order to pick up the highway that sweeps me away to a land far far away. Farther than IKEA.

On my drive down Addison, I see the same sights and feel familiar pot holes. I see Julius Meinl on the corner of Southport and Addison. And every time this same thought goes through my head, “People say that place is really good. I should go there sometime.” Do you realize that same thought passes through my head 10 times every week?

I pass two Dunkin Donuts: one on the corner of Lincoln Ave and near Elston. I think… “mmmm, hazelnut coffee. Should I stop? No. That defeats all the time I just spent racing down Addison.”

As I gain speed down Addison at Ashland, my eyes quickly check gas prices on both sides, at Citgo and Shell to compare which is better… then I laugh to myself and think, “Ha! I’ll just get gas in Barrington. Soooo much cheaper.”

On the way home, when I see this Wrigley Field

I know, home is awaiting my soon return. And that’s where my guitar and laptop sit, waiting for me.

So now it’s your turn. Whether or not you are a Chicagoan… share with us!
- From where to where do you travel during the week?
- What catches your eye, and what runs through your head?
- Do you recommend I try Julius Meinl?

Peace and love,

Becky of Beckon Q

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Kendra said...

Ok Becky. I used to work at that Julius Meinl. It is good. Be prepared to try a pastry. And the coffee is different, but in a fantastic sort of way. And I think they do acoustic shows on the weekends....