Monday, August 17, 2009

Album Artist statement + Design by Brandon Hill

Enjoy this statement from the designer of our album artwork for "your chance"...

Artist freedom was exceptionally encouraged by Luke and Becky on this project;
a rare thing among client-designer-relationships. Their desire was to employ me
to simply interpret their music visually. It would be difficult to not to involve my
personal interpretation so I thank them dearly for that freedom.
The Pinwheel: The pinwheel is us. We’re not invisible, we’re not undesireable,
we’re bright and strong. We’re not misfits in the unfortunate way, but beautiful
strange misfits. As an artist and a believer, I was struck by these words of Beckon
Q’s song, “Your Chance”. I couldn’t stray away from this concept of a strange but
colorful object–with all of its detail of life’s characteristics rendered through tiny
icons. The illustration was created digitally through photography and small shapes,
each painstakingly placed to create movement and emotive flow. This kind of
illustration is therapeutic and exciting at the same time.
The back image of the pinwheel takes the concept to God’s perspective. If we
are these unique but beautiful pinwheels, what does it look like in our weakest
moments, when we’re shattered and destroyed? My answer is in the image: God
sees us with all of the same beautiful detail, the love isn’t wained, and we remain
art ready to be hung in a gallery. We are not a mistake, there is a reason.
Brandon Hill

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