Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember how sometimes you just mess up?

Well, maybe you don't, but I do. Often.
Like there was one time, when I was a kid and I had a pet rabbit (named Petey) when I left his cage door open overnight. ....Petey wasn't there in the morning anymore, but I could have sworn I saw him in the woods by our house a couple of months later!

Then there are other times that I mess up too...

Like with my friends. on this blog. because I do things too fast without thinking. (am I the only one!?)

Well I messed up big time because I was writing to you all here on a previous blog, looking forward to our practice time that was up and coming...and I completely forgot to mention our famed guitar player SCOTT DALHEIM!!! What was I thinking????

Yeah, go ahead Luke and leave out the person with the MOST experience in the entire group, the person who knows more people in the music world than the rest of us combined. The one with the most style points by far (thx: TOMS, trues, VOX, fender, etc, etc). The one who gives up his own time for no money to come make Beckon Q better than Beckon Q would be. Wow.

Who would forget this?


Scotty, I'm calling it out for all the world to see because I know you wouldn't even say or think anything about it, but man, I'm bummed it happened.

So, for the rest of you, isn't it nice to see this blog-hug that I'm givin Scott? Give him one too. Shoot a comment out and keep it rollin.

Can't wait to jam tonight. The duet (Becky and I) are going to spend some acoustic time together while the real fire jams (Scott, Nate, Chris) and then we'll wrap it all up with some together time at the end...should be fun!

Talk to you later.

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