Monday, September 22, 2008

Venue Art and Wine show...

This past weekend, Becky and I were asked to hit up a grand opening show and head to Washington, IL for Venue Art and Wine. This place is great. Check it out here:

Some good friends of ours, Jeff and Julia Woods ( photographers that took all of our pics...) started this idea, then handed it over to 2 very fine ladies, Steph and Tiff to complete. (i think=) In any case, we dug the space tons. Now, no offense to Washington, IL, but it's not exactly what you'd think of when you think of hip, fun, trendy, cool...yet Venue is just that. The evening featured scultor artist Bob Emser, acoustic music compliments of yours truly, and a wine and beer menu that was something to boast about!

Hopefully some of the folk from Washington, IL will remember us and we can hit up the small town sometime in the future full-band...we'd love to.

Peace, love, and all good things.
Beckon Q

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