Saturday, December 27, 2008

A new year to fall in love....

I fell in love again today. Maybe it's the season. Family, friends, food. Through the snow and ice, there's new life. New life to live, to share. Maybe I'm just extra sentimental because of something I ate. Regardless, I fell in love again today.

It's the simplest thing really. You're sitting on the floor at the foot of your bed with you laptop and guitar, 1 pick, 1 capo, no tuner, no socks, no distractions and it happens.

Practicing...but not really practicing to get anywhere. Checking out guitar tabs online for fun, writing new tunes and I stumble across some old favorites and just dive deeper in love again. Was it St. Patricks Day by John Mayer? Was it the idea of you, dreamgirl, or steady as we go by DMB? Maybe it was the new tunes I'm working on....regardless...

I fell in love with music again today.

Do you remember what that's like? Have you slowed down enough, really stopped to experience that moment in your life a long time ago when you listened to music because you couldn't NOT listen to it?

This new year, this 2009, take some time to fall in love with the music that really moves you, that really carries you. I doubt you'll regret it. Who knows, maybe Beckon Q can deliver that chance to fall in love again for you. I truly hope so.

All of the peace, all of the love, and all of the good things life can bring to you.

Beckon Q

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