Wednesday, April 15, 2009

City band. City matters...

We’re an “urban” band…well…kind of. Here’s why kinda:

We live in the city, we play shows in the city, we pay city taxes, we share small places, we have to pay to park…EVERYWHERE, we ride the el, we ride buses, we run into a homeless person every time we step onto the street.

We also have the world at our fingertips, ever heard of Starbucks, I can be at one of 7 of them faster than you’ll finish reading this. We also all didn’t grow up in the city, we’re transfers in. That means we’re either crazy, or we have the means to make it work. (the latter is the truth). We care about the city and thrive on it, that much is true, but do you?

2008 was the first year that the world population lived in cities more than rural areas.

Cities matter. They are influential hubs, but they are also destitute and more urban dwellers than not have quite a different view of city than Beckon Q does.

Check out this site:

We hope it makes you think and inspires you. Why do you live where you live? Does it matter? Does it matter how other people live?

We think so.

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