Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am a music fan

I am a music fan. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t become a musician because
I love music so much. Nowadays I get so wrapped up in production and
all the goodies that go along with the music business that I forget
about the music. My iTunes is filled with such a huge variety of
genres. If it’s good to my ear then it’s just good. I remember back
when I was a kid my dad would play bands like Journey and Supertramp
and my mom was a big fan of The Beatles and The Monkees. I remember
listening to Prince’s Purple Rain and Madonna’s Like A Virgin with my
cousins. When I started finding my own musical influences it came in
the form of what is known as grunge. To this day my fave bands are
Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana. Later on bands
like Foo Fighters, Filter, Incubus and Dashboard Confessional were
added to the list. I can go a lil country with Keith Urban, a lil pop
with Justin Timberlake and a lil hip hop with JayZ.

The most intriguing performance ever came from a guy named Butch
Walker. I was at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago with Escape From
Earth who opened for Butch. I wasn’t really interested at all. I
actually sat on the couch in the lobby and listened and never even saw
him playing. All I know is that he had captured me with acoustic and
voice that night and the rest is history. I go to all his shows. I
have all his records, his old stuff with Marvelous 3, and a bunch of
the artists that he has written and recorded with. Butch Walker is a
genius. All it took was that one night and I was hooked.

I’m guessing that maybe some of you have had this experience… maybe
even while listening to BECKON Q. I just want you guys to know that I
love music and put all my heart and soul into creating something new
or putting forth my best efforts to enhance songs that already exist.
My hope is that we can put a smile on our fan’s faces, provide a
little bit of an escape, cure whatever might be illing you, and just
have the time of our lives together!!


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