Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Campaign No Day Job: Part 2

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you could do anything in the world as a career, what would it be?

As kids, our imagination is a part of us from the start. We did nothing to create it. It just was. I remember my imagination being so tangible, I felt like I could reach out and touch my dreams. That if I jumped, I really could fly. I really could be Rupunzel and through my bedroom window my prince would come to rescue me. But at a certain age, that imagination began to disappear. Why? I’m not completely sure. About the time when my childlike self started getting taller and taller, my imagination dwindled. And now I strain to rekindle it. I envy adults like Gordon MacKenzie, author of Orbiting the Giant Hairball, whose imagination is alive and beautiful. Grown up MacKenzie used his imagination as a vital part of his career at Hallmark. His imagination is a part of him, and has not disappeared.

I believe what caused this diminishing imagination for me was when I started to get bad grades in Math and History, and developed the notion that I’m not good enough. I needed to pass these classes to be valued in this world. Do you ever feel that way? Like you have to be great at a multitude of things in order to be great? I do.

But what about the few things that you love to do and are great at? Maybe you have a mind for marketing. You love coming up with creative ideas that will help promote a product. Or you love writing. All you want to do is write and inspire.

In my humble opinion, it’s time to begin putting all of ourselves into what we do best, and most importantly, what we love to do. For me, it’s songwriting and singing. I want to do this as much as I possibly can. I want it to be my career. As a band, Beckon Q wants to be able to put aside all of the extras in life, things that aren’t our strengths, to focus on what we do best… making music, getting to know our fans, and engage in community with you.

What do you love to do? What makes you come alive? Tell us.

I dare you to dream big!

Peace and love,

Beckon Q

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