Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Music Fuel

From the day that I could walk or move music has always been the
forced that has fueled my life.
It was the reason I went to high school, college, and now going back
to school to become a better musician and someday a teacher.
I have never wanted anything more than to be a musicians playing shows
and making people groove like they would never groove before. That's
why i became a drummer I feel like no one makes or breaks the groove
like a drummer, I grew up watching many great drummers such as
Beauford, Rich, and Barker and from day one I was amazed. Me being a
very soft spoken person drums allow me to express myself in ways that
I feel only other people who love and appreciate music can understand.
I have always felt that musicians are storytellers who speak a very
unique and special language, and that the only way to understand this
language is to open up your mind, hearts, and ears in ways you have
never done before to follow the story. Every song written, every note
played, every lyric sung, and every drum hit is a part of this story
and to miss it is to miss something unique and special in itself.
Which brings me to Beckon Q what story does our music tell? I think
our music tells a story of hope, determination, and no matter what you
do, who you are, and what society may say you can succeed.

I love the vibe we have as a band, I love the instant chemistry we
have had every since I joined the band, I even love how hot we all
look on stage because y'all all know we do. But the thing I love the
best about this band is the fact that our songs are uplifting, the
tell the story of hope, and they encourage people. We are not just
trying to be famous, make a lot of money, and act like there is
nothing else going on around us. We are also trying to promote hope,
being subjects of change, and show that you can have fun onstage and
still stand for something. So here is what i propose next time you
come to a Beckon Q show listen to our music in a different way, let
each song really be heard by your hearts. Then find one of us and tell
us what story was being told for you on the night, because I can
guarantee everyone's story and hearts will be different.


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